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Time : 98 mn - format 16/9 - color - PAL
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Nombres d'exemplaires

MONTMARTRE "Like an island in the air"

This film chronicles the story of the most legendary quartier of Paris, from an exciting new angle and bringing to light unpublished archival material.

From the earliest and sacred origins of the hill to its captivating cast of painters, writers, poets, artists and innkeepers, it leaves no stone unturned in its unique and fascinating story.

Taking the spectator on an exploratory journey through Montmartre and its domains, it sheds light on the witch’s passage, the dreamlike Château des Brouillards, the mills held dear by painters since Corot and Renoir, the ateliers of the avenue Junot as well as a diversity of religious buildings from the ancient Saint Pierre church to the more recent Saint-Jean and the Basilica, not forgetting Montmartre’s famous vineyard, the exceptional Cité des Arts and the only anonymous all eyeleft in Paris.

Revealing an exceptional location, both mystical and revolutionary, and which succeeded in bringing together entertainment and art, solitude and community life, the film invites the viewer to rediscover this famous tourist site, paradoxically very little known, through a fascinating historical journey.

Philippe Cochinard

Directed by Philippe Cochinard

is founder and producer of Paris Web-TV. Having covered more than 2,000 stories on Paris, he chose to dedicate this first documentary to his favourite Parisian quartier Montmartre. Thanks to the Le Vieux Montmartre society, the INA’s archives and nine months of shooting, the film is an invitation to discover the charms of the last true village of Paris.

Erick Deshors

Reported by Erick Deshors

French actor Erick Deshors lives and works in Paris . First formed in Simon ( Marcel Achards price ) then the American Center and finally by Philippe Ferran he worked in cinema in 1983 with Claude Chabrol then connects with many directors such as Volker Schondorff , Claude Miller, Gilles Béat , Raoul Peck, Olivier Marshall . He starred with Gerard Depardieu, Helen Mirren, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jodie Foster, Jean Yanne or Jeremy Irons. In theater , he worked with Roman Polansky , Marcel Maréchal , Serge Moati , Robert Hossein , and Jean-Luc Revol . Can be seen in many movies and TV shows.
Jean-Manuel Gabert

Written by Jean-Manuel Gabert

is a writer and lecturer, editor of the magazine Paris-Montmartre and president of the historical and archeological society of Le Vieux Montmartre. He is the author of the film’s commentary - a narrative in four chapters which adopts a non-chronological approach to better reveal the historical and cultural wealth of what remains one of the most multi-faceted and intriguing quartiers of Paris.